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HJ-355 90° Sliding Aluminum Profile Cutting Saw

The HJ-355 is a versatile and precise cutting saw designed for efficient aluminum profile cutting and segmentation. With its 90-degree sliding mechanism, alloy saw blade, and roller feeding system, it ensures accurate and smooth operation in construction and manufacturing industries.


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    1.The HJ-355 90-Degree Aluminum Profile Saw is specifically designed for precision cutting of aluminum profiles used in the construction industry. Its ability to perform accurate 90-degree cuts ensures seamless integration of aluminum components in building structures, facades, and frameworks. The saw’s alloy blade and roller feed mechanism provide smooth, burr-free cuts, enhancing the overall quality and aesthetics of construction projects.

    2.In the manufacturing sector, the HJ-355 cutting saw is a vital tool for cutting and segmenting aluminum profiles with high precision. Its widened pressing device ensures stable and secure material handling, reducing the risk of errors and improving productivity. The saw’s simple operation and safety features make it an essential piece of equipment for factories and workshops focused on producing high-quality aluminum parts and products.

    3.The HJ-355 cutting saw stands out with its advanced features, aiming to improve user experience and cutting performance.The 90-degree translation capability allows for precise and consistent cuts, while the alloy saw blade ensures durability and sharpness. The roller feed system facilitates smooth material movement, and the widened pressing device offers better material stability. With its user-friendly operation, the HJ-355 guarantees safe, accurate, and efficient cutting, making it a practical and reliable choice for various industrial applications.

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    Product model product technical parameters
    HJ-355 translation 90 ° aluminum profile cutting saw Cutting angle 90°
    Saw blade size Φ355×Φ25.4mm×3.2×120T
    Motor power 2.2KW
    Working power supply 380V/220V
    External dimensions 880×750×1500mm
    Weight 260kg