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CNC3000C2 furniture drilling and milling machine

Precision CNC drill milling machine for custom home furnishings, ideal for profiles in minimalistic furniture, cabinets, and doors.


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    The CNC3000C2 Drill Milling Machine is a versatile tool designed for custom home furnishing applications. It excels in drilling and milling profiles for minimalistic furniture, including cabinet handles, wardrobe handles, simple doors, hinged doors, and sliding doors. With its robust design, this machine ensures high precision and efficiency in every task, making it a perfect addition to any custom furniture manufacturing setup.

    One of the standout features of the CNC3000C2 is its adaptability to different sizes. For models with an X-axis length of 2.5 meters and above, the machine utilizes a rack and pinion drive system, ensuring smooth and accurate movements. For models under 2.5 meters, a ball screw drive system is employed, providing the same level of precision for smaller tasks. This flexibility allows the CNC3000C2 to cater to a wide range of manufacturing needs.

    In addition to its impressive technical capabilities, the CNC3000C2 Drilling and Milling Machine is also designed with user-friendliness in mind. The machine’s intuitive control panel and user interface make it easy for operators to set up and run jobs, even if they have limited experience with CNC machinery. The machine also features robust safety measures, including emergency stop buttons and protective guarding, to ensure the safety of operators and minimize the risk of accidents or injuries. With its combination of advanced technology, customizable options, and user-friendly design, the CNC3000C2 Drilling and Milling Machine is the perfect choice for any furniture manufacturing business looking to take their production to the next level.

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    Product model
    Product technical parameters
    CNC Drilling and Milling Center for Aluminum Profile CNC 3000C2

    Lateral travel (X-axis travel) 3100
    Longitudinal travel (Y-axis travel) 400
    Vertical travel (Z-axis travel) 300
    X-axis operating speed 0-50m/min
    Y/Z axis operating speed 0-30m/min
    X-axis servo (Huichuan) 0.85KW
    Y-axis servo (Huichuan) 0.85KW
    Z-axis servo (Huichuan) 0.85KW
    A-axis servo (Huichuan) 0.85KW
    Server brand Huichuan
    Spindle speed 18000R/min
    Spindle power 7.5KW/3.5KW
    Workbench working position 0°、+90°、-90°
    Milling cutter tool holder ER32-φ8
    Drill tool chuck ER25-φ8
    Main spindle motor brand zero or one
    Brand of guide screw Taiwan Shangyin and TBI
    Gear reducer brand Faston, Taiwan
    System Taiwan system
    Main electrical components Schneider, Omron
    Main pneumatic accessory brands Yadeke
    Working power supply 380V+neutral, three-phase 5-wire 50HZ
    Total power of the entire machine 14KW
    Lubrication system Automatic oil pump lubrication
    Tool cooling method Automatic spray cooling
    Weight 1800KG
    Processing range (width, height, length) 200×100×3000
    External dimensions of the host 4800×1800×2200