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CNC3000B2 Drilling and Milling Machine

The CNC3000B2 aluminum profile vertical processing center is a high-performance processing equipment designed specifically for aluminum profiles, widely used in industries such as construction, automotive, aviation, and electronics. This equipment, through its advanced CNC technology and powerful machining capabilities, can meet various complex machining needs, ensuring efficient and accurate machining results.



    1.The CNC3000B2 is equipped with a high-power spindle and advanced CNC system, which can achieve high-speed cutting and fine machining. Its excellent stability and high rigidity structure ensure extremely high accuracy and consistency during the machining process. Whether it is mass production or customized processing, CNC3000B2 can significantly improve production efficiency and reduce processing costs.

    2.The CNC3000B2 drilling and milling machine is engineered to deliver exceptional performance in processing holes and slots for diverse door and window profiles. Its innovative plant oil micro-cooling system not only extends the lifespan of cutting tools but also ensures a pollution-free working environment. The machine’s self-developed system guarantees top-notch safety standards, making it a reliable choice for precision milling tasks.

    3.Experience the ultimate combination of safety, reliability, durability, and precision with the CNC3000B2 drilling and milling machine. This high-performance tool is engineered to meet the demands of modern machining tasks, offering unparalleled accuracy and efficiency. Its self-developed system ensures optimal performance, making it a trusted choice for professionals seeking top-quality results. Elevate your machining capabilities with the CNC3000B2 and achieve superior outcomes with every project.Purchase CNC3000B2 aluminum profile vertical processing center, experience efficient and accurate processing solutions, and enhance your productivity and competitiveness!


    Product model Product technical parameters
    CNC drilling and milling machining center for CNC3000B2 aluminum profiles Lateral travel (X-axis travel) 3000
    Longitudinal travel (Y-axis travel) 350
    Vertical travel (Z-axis travel) 300
    X-axis operating speed 0-30m/min
    Y/Z axis operating speed 0-30m/min
    X-axis servo 0.75KW
    Y-axis servo 0.75KW
    Z-axis servo 0.75KW
    Spindle speed 18000R/min
    Spindle power 3.5KW/3.5KW
    Workbench working position 一90°、0°、+90°
    Drilling and milling cutter tool chuck ER25-φ8
    Gas source 0.6-0.8mpa
    Table flip Cyilnder turnover
    Servo Navigation
    High speed motor Jester
    Guide screw Taiwan Ginkgo
    System Taiwan Baoyuan
    Main electrical components Schneider, Omron
    Working power supply 380V+neutral, three-phase 5-wire 50HZ
    Total power of the entire machine 9.5KW
    Tool cooling method Automatic spray cooling
    Processing range (width, height, length) 100×100×3000
    External dimensions of the host 4300×1500×1900
    Weight ≈1200KG