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CNC drilling and milling machine for CNC aluminum profiles

The CNC1500 aluminum profile CNC drilling and milling machine is a CNC machining equipment specially designed for aluminum profile processing. It combines advanced CNC technology, efficient machining capabilities, and precise machining accuracy, suitable for various deep machining needs such as drilling and milling of aluminum profiles.


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    Using high-precision linear guide rail pairs, servo motors and other key components to ensure stability and accuracy during the machining process. Can meet the strict requirements for hole position accuracy and dimensional accuracy in aluminum profile processing.Equipped with a high-speed electric spindle, it boasts stable rotation, low noise, and strong cutting capabilities. It enables efficient processing of aluminum profiles and enhances production efficiency.

    The CNC1500 aluminum CNC drilling and milling machine offers a range of processing methods, including drilling, milling, and tapping, to cater to diverse machining needs. Additionally, its rotatable workbench design facilitates the completion of multiple surface machining operations with a single setup, thereby enhancing processing efficiency. Equipped with an advanced CNC system, it features an intuitive user interface and robust programming capabilities. Users can swiftly program and adjust to suit their machining requirements, ensuring automated processes.

    The CNC1500 aluminum profile CNC drilling and milling machine is suitable for various aluminum profile processing tasks. Here are some common application areas. Such as in the fields of building doors and windows, industrial aluminum profile processing, curtain wall, and automotive parts deep processing.

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    Product model Product technical parameters
    CNC1500B2 aluminum profile CNC drilling and milling machine Lateral travel (X-axis travel) 1500
    Longitudinal travel (Y-axis travel) 300
    Vertical travel (Z-axis travel) 300
    X-axis operating speed 0-30m/min
    Y/Z axis operating speed 0-20m/min
    Milling cutter/drill cutter spindle speed 18000R/min
    Mill/drill spindle power 3.5KW/3.5KW
    Working position of table 0°、+90°
    System Taiwan Baoyuan system
    Cutter/drill cutter chuck ER25-φ8/ER25-φ8
    Accuracy ±0.07mm
    servo General navigation
    High speed motor Zero one
    Guide screw Taiwan Dinghan
    Major electrical component Schneider, Omron
    Cutter/drill cutter chuck 0.6-0.8mpa
    Working power supply 380V+ neutral line, three-phase 5-line 50HZ
    Total machine power 9.5KW
    Processing range (width, height and length) 200×100×1500
    Tool cooling mode Automatic spray cooling
    Main engine dimensions 2200×1450×1900