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Glass curtain wall aluminum profile

We are pleased to introduce you to our curtain wall aluminum, a high-performance building material designed specifically for modern building needs.

Our curtain wall aluminum profiles have six surface treatment methods such as powder, anodized and electrophoresis, which exceed the national standard and improve the corrosion resistance of aluminum profiles. The use of polyamide heat insulation strip in line with the national standard, so that the product has sound insulation, wind resistance, water resistance and other properties. Whether it is a commercial building or a residential building, curtain wall aluminum profiles provide a comprehensive solution.



    1.We provide different series of curtain wall aluminum profiles, from 110 series to 200 series, column cross sections from 110mm to 200mm, to meet your different engineering needs. All aluminum profiles are produced in accordance with national standards, each process has strict standards, you can rest assured to order a large number of aluminum profiles, do not worry about the quality of our aluminum profiles.

    2.Our aluminium curtain wall profiles are strong and impervious to corrosion. Our quality inspectors will closely monitor the ageing furnace's temperature and duration during the production process to ensure that the hardness of the aluminium profiles meets or exceeds national standards. It can continue to function and look the same for a very long period. Lower long-term expenses and the frequency of replacement and maintenance.

    3.We are the origin factory which has 14 extruding machines, cutting machines, and vertical and horizontal powder coating line, anodize and electrophoresis line. We have the flexibility to customize the aluminum profile you need, such as size, surface treatment, material, etc., processing a variety of shapes and sizes, present different colors, and coordinate with the surrounding environment, so that the building and nature are integrated.

    4.Our curtain wall aluminum profiles have abundant engineering application cases at home and abroad. Including "Shanxi Taiyuan Telecom two hub factory" project, and "Jiangsu Changzhou Customs Building" and "Hunan Changsha Telecom Building". These successful examples provide you confidence and serve as proof of the calibre and functionality of our goods. We are committed to providing you with exceptional products and services that add unlimited value and charm to your construction projects. Contact us now to start your architectural journey!


    Brand Name luoxiang
    Place of Origin: foshan,China
    Product name Aluminium profile for Curtain Wall
    material 6063/6061/6005
    Technology extrusion
    Surface Treatment  powder coated,electrophoresis, anodized, wood grain, fluorocarbon and mill finish
    design Production on demand or drawing
    quality have managementsystem certification:ISO14001:2015、ISO45001:2016 
    Usage scenario Villa bungalows, office exterior wall
    Delivery Date 7-20 days after receipt of payment
    Size Series 110/115/120/125/130/135/140/150/155/160/180/200serie