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Customizable solar photovoltaic power generation bracket

Still looking for sturdy, durable, and corrosion-resistant aluminum profiles for solar photovoltaic brackets? I am pleased to introduce our Solar PV aluminum profile to you. It has high strength corrosion resistance, long service life, can reduce the cost of frequent replacement for enterprises, and can adapt to various complex environments. Solar PV aluminum profiles have surface treatment methods such as powder coated,electrophoresis, anodized, and other surface treatment methods,we provide customized services.



    1.One of the main characteristics of Solar PV aluminum profiles is strong corrosion resistance. After anodizing and other treatments, aluminum profiles will form a protective film on their surface, which has excellent anti-corrosion performance. We make this layer of film according to the national standard standards, even above the national standard. Please rest assured that our aluminum profiles can maintain stable performance in various complex environments, extending their service life.

    2.During the production process, every step is guided by the national standard. Our quality inspector strictly controls the time and temperature of the aging furnace to ensure that each aluminum profile meets the national standard quality. Before shipment, conduct visual inspection, size measurement, hardness testing, etc. on aluminum products to ensure that each aluminum profile meets the preset quality standards.

    3.As a self owned factory, we have 14 extruding machines, cutting machines, and anodize and electrophoresis production lines. We have the ability to control the entire process from aluminum ingot processing to aluminum profiles, as well as advanced equipment and professional teams, to ensure that every aluminum profile meets high-quality standards. We know that each project has its unique needs, so Solar PV aluminum profiles provide customized services. No matter what length, angle or special specifications you need, we can tailor them to meet your personalized needs.

    4.Our solar photovoltaic aluminum profiles are recognized by domestic customers, and solar photovoltaic manufacturers, electronic power supply manufacturers, and others come to purchase them. By choosing solar photovoltaic aluminum profiles, you will receive high-quality and high-performance materials that bring long-lasting durability and stability to your products. We are always committed to providing customers with high-quality products and services, and working together to create a better future. Welcome to send us drawings or email to contact us. Wishing you a happy life!


    Product Name Solar PV
    Brand name luoxiang 
    Material 6063/6061/6005
    Temper T4-T6
    Panel Type  Framed & Frameless
    Wind Load ≤60m/s
    Snow Load  1.4KN/m2
     Panel Orientation Landscape/Portrait
     Tilt Angle  Tilt Angle
    Order MOQ  Low MOQ :3ton,or negotiated
    Delivery time 7-20 days after sample confirmed or negotiated
    Drawing Customized production according to drawings
    Shippingmethod  By sea(Big quantity),express(sample)
    Packaging Inside: packed with plastic protective film to protect each piece.
    Outside: wrap to bundle by waterproof craft paper ,
    or customized
    Certificates have managementsystem certification:ISO14001:2015、ISO45001:2016