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CNC3000A2 aluminum profile drilling and milling machine

The CNC3000A2 drilling and milling machine offers exceptional high-precision machining, stability, and durability, making it suitable for aerospace, automotive manufacturing, and other industries.


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    The CNC3000A2 drilling and milling machine employs advanced CNC technology to ensure every detail of the machining process reaches extremely high precision. This equipment is equipped with high-precision spindles and servo motor systems, capable of achieving micron-level machining accuracy to meet the needs of processing various complex parts. Whether it’s high-precision components required in the aerospace sector or fine machining demanded in automotive manufacturing, the CNC3000A2 can easily handle the task. Furthermore, its stable machining performance guarantees dimensional consistency and surface finish quality during long-term operations, significantly enhancing product quality.

    The design of the CNC3000A2 drilling and milling machine fully considers the stability and durability of the equipment. The machine tool structure uses high-strength cast iron, which has undergone multiple tempering treatments to achieve excellent anti-vibration performance and stability, effectively reducing vibrations during machining to ensure machining accuracy and surface quality. Additionally, key components are made of high-quality materials and advanced manufacturing processes, ensuring that the equipment maintains superior performance under long-term high-load operations. Users can confidently engage in large-scale production without worrying about frequent repairs and replacements.

    The CNC3000A2 drilling and milling machine is equipped with a multi-axis control system, enabling simultaneous multi-axis linkage machining, greatly enhancing machining efficiency and flexibility. The advanced CNC system supports various programming languages and interfaces, facilitating integration with other automation equipment to achieve fully automated production. The machine is also equipped with an efficient cooling system to ensure thermal stability during long-term machining, extending tool life and reducing machining errors. Additionally, the CNC3000A2 features intelligent fault diagnosis and warning functions, helping users to detect and resolve potential issues promptly, ensuring continuous and stable production.

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    Product model Product technical parameters
    CNC drilling and milling machining center for CNC3000A2 aluminum profiles Lateral travel (X-axis travel) 4500
    Longitudinal travel (Y-axis travel) 350
    Vertical travel (Z-axis travel) 300
    X-axis operating speed 0-30m/min
    Y/Z axis operating speed 0-30m/min
    X-axis servo 0.75KW
    Y-axis servo 0.75KW
    Z-axis servo 0.75KW
    Spindle speed 18000R/min
    Spindle power 3.5KW/3.5KW
    Accuracy ±0.1MM
    Milling/drilling tool chuck ER25/ER20
    Workbench working position
    Gas source 0.6-0.8mpa
    Servo Navigation 
    High speed motor Jester/Zero One 
    Guide screw Taiwan Ginkgo
    System Taiwan Baoyuan
    Main electrical components Tianzheng, Delixi
    Working power supply 380V+neutral, three-phase 5-wire 50HZ
    Total power of the entire machine 10KW
    Tool cooling method Automatic spray cooling
    Lubrication system
    Automatic oil pump lubrication
    Processing range (width, height, length) 50×100×3000
    External dimensions of the host 5800×1500×1900
    Weight ≈1100KG