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Broken bridge thermal insulation sliding window aluminum profile

Use polyamide insulation strips that comply with national standards to provide products with insulation properties, high water tightness, and other functions. Our thermal break insulation sliding window aluminum profile has six surface treatment methods, including powder coating, anodize and electrophoresis, etc, which are higher than the national standard and enhance the durability of its aluminum profile. Whether in commercial or residential buildings, insulated sliding window aluminum profiles provide an energy-saving and environmentally friendly solution.

All our products can be customized according to drawings. If you need mold customization, please contact us.



    1.Our thermal break insulated sliding window aluminum profiles come in two categories. One type is the aluminum profile of the strip insulation series sliding window; The second type is aluminum profiles for injection molded insulated sliding windows. We offer different series of thermal insulation curtain wall aluminum profiles, ranging from 60 series to 130 series, and column cross-sections from 60mm to 130mm, to meet your different engineering needs. All aluminum profiles are strictly processed and produced in accordance with national standards, ensuring the high quality and reliability of aluminum profiles. You don't need to worry about the quality of aluminum profiles, you can use them with confidence.

    2.Our insulated sliding window aluminum profiles are durable. During the production process, our quality inspector will strictly control the temperature and time of the aging furnace to ensure that the hardness of the aluminum profile meets the national standard requirements, even above the national standard. Of course, the film thickness standard of our factory's aluminum profiles even exceeds the national standard, which can maintain their original performance and appearance for a long time. Reduce the frequency of maintenance and replacement, and lower long-term usage costs.

    3.We have our own factory with 14 extruding machines, cutting machines, and vertical and horizontal powder coating line, anodize and electrophoresis line, etc. We offer exclusive private customization. According to your special requirements, customize aluminum profiles for insulated sliding windows, including size, material, color, and style customization.

    4.Our thermal barrier insulated sliding window aluminum profiles have engineering application cases around the world. Including the "Zhejiang Jindi Desheng Center" project, as well as "Zhuhai Intercontinental Mansion" and "Wanhe International". These successful cases demonstrate the quality and performance of our products, and also provide you with reference and confidence. Investing in our sliding window aluminum profiles means investing in comfort and sustainability. Choose an aluminum profile solution for insulated sliding windows with excellent thermal insulation performance and sound insulation.


    Brand Name luoxiang
    Place of Origin: foshan,China
    Product name Thermal barrier sliding window aluminum profile
    material 6063/6061/6005
    Technology extrusion
    Surface Treatment  powder coated,electrophoresis, anodized, wood grain, fluorocarbon and mill finished
    design Customized production according to drawings
    quality have managementsystem certification:ISO14001:2015、ISO45001:2016 
    use Used in buildings, villas, large office buildings, transportation and so on
    Delivery Date 7-20 days after receipt of payment
    Size Series 62 Series insulated sliding window
    78 Series insulated sliding window
    80 Series insulated sliding window
    90 Series insulated sliding window
    80 series home insulation sliding window
    86 series home insulation sliding window
    120 series home insulation sliding window
    130 series home insulation sliding window