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Aluminum lamp profile extrusion customization

Welcome to the world of aluminum lamp profiles, where you will find a lighting solution that combines elegance and performance to add a unique glow to your indoor and outdoor Spaces. The choice of Aluminum Lamp profile is not only to choose a lamp, but also to choose a life attitude, a pursuit of quality and personality.



    1.One of the main characteristics of aluminum lamp profiles is strong corrosion resistance. After undergoing oxidation spraying and other processes, aluminum profiles form a protective film on the surface, which has good corrosion resistance. We make this protective film according to the national standard, even above the national standard. Please rest assured that our aluminum profiles can maintain stable performance in various complex environments, extending their service life.

    2.In the process of producing aluminum profiles, every step is based on the national standard. The quality inspector strictly controls the time and temperature of the aging furnace to ensure that each aluminum profile meets national standards. Before the shipment of aluminum profiles, surface inspection, size measurement, hardness testing, etc.Are carried out to ensure that each aluminum profile meets the quality standards of the national standard.

    3.As a self owned factory, we have 14 extrusion machines, cutting machines, and oxidation electrophoresis production lines. We have the ability to control the entire process from aluminum ingot processing to aluminum profiles, as well as advanced equipment and professional teams, to ensure that every aluminum profile meets high-quality standards. We know that every project and every space has its unique needs. Our aluminum lamp profiles support complete customization. Whether it's size, shape, or surface treatment, you can choose according to your own needs. This allows our aluminum lamp profiles to have great flexibility in meeting customer needs, creating ever-changing lighting solutions. Choosing us means choosing quality and trust!

    4.Our aluminum lamp profiles have been recognized by domestic customers, including digital appliance factories and lighting fixture manufacturing industries. Choosing our aluminum lamp profiles means choosing quality, innovation, and satisfaction. We believe that only the best raw materials can create the most satisfactory products. Only with the deepest understanding can we provide the most thoughtful service. We look forward to exploring the infinite possibilities of aluminum lamp profiles with you, and creating a better lighting future together.


    Brand Name luo xiang
    Place of Origin: foshan,china
    Product name Aluminuim lamp
    material 6063/6061/6005
    Technology extrusion
    Surface Treatment  powder coated,electrophoresis, anodized, wood grain, fluorocarbon and mill finished
    design Customized production according to drawings
    quality have managementsystem certification:ISO14001:2015、ISO45001:2016 
    use Family life, commercial space, office space, etc
    Delivery Date 7-20 days after receipt of payment